Game Passes

What is Game Pass?

A game pass is essentially a pre-purchased package that grants the holder access to a certain number of rounds of golf at a discounted rate compared to the standard per-round price. It’s a type of membership or voucher system designed to offer golfers—whether they are regular players or families—a way to enjoy more golf for less!

When you buy a game pass, you’re buying access to Beau Pre Golf Course for a set number of rounds, which can be used over a specified period. Game passes can be tailored for different needs and preferences, with some passes allowing for sharing or transferring rounds to others. This makes them not only a cost-effective choice for regular players but also a flexible option for those who might want to share the joy of golf with friends or family.

Choose a Game Pass?

Explore our exclusive game passes, available for a limited time only. Perfect for individuals, families, or groups!

Beau Pre Golf Club Game Passes

Price: $240

Description: Purchase 5 rounds with cart for the price of 4. Redeemable 7 days a week, fully transferable, includes power carts. Total value is $300, for $240.

Courses Redeemable: 18-hole golf course

Max Usages Total: 5

Days Valid: Monday to Sunday

Usable During Certain Hours?: No

Player Types: Any

Key Features

Price Value: Enjoy exceptional deals on multiple rounds with our game passes, offering significant savings compared to standard rates.

Online Booking: Easily secure your tee times online, providing convenience and flexibility for planning your golf outings.

Tiered Options: Choose from a variety of pass options tailored to your needs, including single, couple, or family passes, ensuring there’s a suitable option for every golfer.

Shareable/Transferable: Our game passes are fully shareable and transferable, allowing you to spread the joy of golf by sharing your pass with friends or family, enhancing flexibility and convenience.